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I'm happily, a wife, mom, and grandma living in rural Vermont. Those two little grandchildren of mine, a preschool boy and a toddler girl, bring a bit of euphoria to my days.

I spend 40 hours of my week working outside my home and away from my garden, but am nevertheless passionate about healthy eating and sustainable, toxic-free living.

I appreciated the opportunity to participate in the Grain Mill Wagon. It was a fun and rewarding experience - and motivation for me, as a new user of fresh, whole grains, to experiment with recipes.

I enjoy sharing the tales of our journey at Thankful Expressions.

Sprouted Flour, Buttermilk Bread

I’m brand new to baking with freshly milled, sprouted flour.  Before obtaining the WonderMill grain mill, I strictly used all-purpose flour. This machine, by the way, is amazing.  Fast, easy to use, and clean-up is a breeze.   Anyway… I … Continue reading

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Chewy, Chocolatey, Sprouted Flour Brownies

What’s your favorite dessert… Cake? Pastries? Cookies? Mine would have to be chocolate brownies… with a tall glass of milk.     And with a freezer-bag full of sprouted and milled soft wheat berries in my freezer…     …I … Continue reading

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Sprouted Wheat Berries – a tutorial

  Sprouted grains are very beneficial to our health.  Sprouting neutralizes antinutrients like phytic acid, which bind up important minerals making it difficult for our bodies to absorb them.  Sprouting also activates enzymes, enhances vitamin content, and increases key nutrients. … Continue reading

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