Southern Fried Squash

Southern fried squash is one of my favorite foods of summertime.  I grew up eating this savory dish and I still love it.  It is simple to make and delicious.  The only way I improved the recipe is by preparing it with freshly ground cornmeal.

I never new how much of a difference fresh meal could make nor did I realize how easy it is to prepare.  With the Wondermill grain mill simply add popcorn kernels and in a matter of seconds you have wonderfully rich, yellow cornmeal.

Ingredients needed are squash, cornmeal, onion, oil, and salt.  Measurements depend on how much will feed your family.  I used 10 squash (about 8 cups), 1 onion, 1 cup cornmeal, and enough oil to cover the bottom of a large skillet to 1/8″ (about 1/3 cup).

I understand that some people are “fryers” and some are “bakers”.  Personally I fall into the frying family.  It’s just part of my heritage.  We make a joke around the house that I would eat anything battered and fried.  Some how frying just makes everything taste better.

If you are  a baker, frying may be a challenge to you.  Here are some helpful hints.

1.  Make sure your oil is hot before adding the squash.

2.  Don’t let the oil get to hot (keep at about medium high) or the squash will burn before browning.

3.  Don’t turn the squash to frequently.  Let it brown prior to flipping.

To begin, remove both ends of the squash and slice into medallions about 1/8′ thick.

Add one cup of freshly ground cornmeal.  Toss to coat.

This is not a heavy coating like what you get in the freezer section of the grocery store but a light coating that crisps and seasons the squash.

Put one slice of squash into the hot oil to verify the oil is hot enough.  It should sizzle like pictured below.

When oil is hot enough, add the remaining squash. Frying until the bottom is browned before turning.

About half way through frying add the onion and salt.  If you add the onion at the beginning it will burn before the squash is cooked.  Onion cooks faster than the squash.  Continue frying until the squash is tender but crispy.

If you have never tried southern fried squash I hope you will.  You are in for a real treat.


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Grain Mill Wagon Experience:

I had a wonderful time using my WonderMill to create many traditional recipes. My first thought was to get very creative and make different dishes using unusual grains that I would not normally try. Then I realized that if I were going to use the grain mill on a daily basis that I needed to cook as I normally do simply replacing the store bought ingredients with fresh ground meal. One thing that surprised me was the ease of use and short amount of time (seconds) that it took to have fresh ground meal. I now consider the WonderMill an essential tool in the kitchen.

I had the opportunity to work with many great bloggers and share their creativity. I will continue to use the WonderMill and experiment with different types of grains make creative dishes. I'll also continue the wonderful recipes of old using fresh home ground meal.

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  1. Margaret Grant says:

    I love fried squash and you have made the perfect accompaniments: tomatoes, cucumbers, peas – makes one long for the good old days.

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