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Making a sourdough starter is super easy.  In my experience though, if my kitchen is very cold as in the dead of winter it doesn’t do as well.

Simply combine 1/3 cup warm/room pure water and 1/3 (ish) cup freshly ground flour.  Here I used hard winter wheat.  The first few days discard half of your starter and replenish it with the amounts above.  After just a couple of days your starter should look like this:

Once it’s good and strong you can discard 1/2 and replenish as above only about every 24 hours.  But that could vary for you, this is my experience.  The goal is to have it at least double in size by the time the next “feeding” is due.

I’ll be making some wonderful sourdough pancakes with mine REAL SOON!!

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I am a stay-at-home mom (and step-mom) and I love to experiment with traditional cooking and living. Even though I (and my blog) am called TheHippyGardener ~ lately I’ve been focusing more on traditional food cooking and learning all the techniques that are involved, as we haven’t had the space or resources to do a lot of gardening. I have noticed huge improvements in my family’s health since cutting out all processed foods and controlling the ingredients that go into everything we eat. Plus it’s super fun to learn the “old ways”. I’m really excited to be a part of the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge and look forward to all the new recipes my family will get to enjoy.

View my blog: TheHippyGardener I absolutely loved doing the WonderMill Grain Mill Challenge. This came at a time when we were just learning about stocking up a long-term food pantry and buying bulk wheat berries ties right in with that. I've barely made a dint in our store of wheat so far and have made so many wonderful things so far. I look forward to all the recipes I will make in the future as well. My sourdough starters have never been this active before using fresh milled flour. My sweetie swears those were the best pancakes he's ever had!! Thanks to WonderMill for allowing me to take part in this challenge!
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3 Responses to Sourdough Starter

  1. Elizabeth says:

    How long do you need to ‘discard’ 1/2 of it before you can start using 1/2 of it to bake sourdough goodies?

  2. Anytime you are feeding your starter, but not using it, you will need to discard 1/2. This keeps your starter from getting too big and out of control. When you are feeding it to use it then you should add as much to your starter as your recipe calls for, in addition to what you started out with. That way you always have enough starter left to use again without having to start over.

  3. Rachael says:

    This blog is great!!! Totally got me in the mood to bake up a delicious loaf of bread! I am going to bake it with my new starter from my order just came in the mail today! : )

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