Honey Oat Almond Butter Balls

My kids love peanut butter balls made with oats, but I wanted to try making them out of almond butter and ground oat flour. We liked them a lot. They were a lot easier to chew. With the whole oats they are really chewy, but with the ground oats they were really smooth and easy to eat.Honey Oat Almond Butter Balls

Peanut Butter Balls with Oat Flour

1 3/4 cup oats blended into flour

1/2 Cup Honey (We also did a batch with 1/2 Cup Agave)

1/4 C Ground Flax seeds (Don’t grind in Wonder Mill)

1 C Almond Butter

Chocolate Chips, nuts, raisins (optional)

Mix well roll into bite size balls and Refrigerator

Honey Oat Almond Butter Balls

Honey Oat Almond Butter Balls

I keep them in a Tupperware container in the fridge, but they don’t last very long!

Honey Oat Almond Butter Balls

I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!!

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Grain Mill Wagon Challenge Experience:
We had a great time participateing in the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge. It was fun to challenge ourselves and grind all the different kinds of grains we could grind in the mill. We did rice, popcorn, oats and are excited to try more. We love this mill especially the capacity that it can grind and also how quiet it is compared to other mills. It was fun to read all the other great recipes the other participant entered. Thanks for letting us particpate in this challenge!

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  1. I made these but found that I needed substantially more peanut butter and honey. They are also slightly bitter (due to the flax?). Next time I will make them with vanilla.

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