Blueberry Coffee Cake – Oregon Fresh

Locally grown wheat, blueberries and local butter plus a whole lot of sugar= the breakfast of champions, or at least a really good breakfast for visiting family who have to get on the road quickly.    IMG_2497

I’ve said before, i’m not much of a baker BUT this coffee cake turned out good enough to fill the bellies of 9 hungry family members including a husband who requested more frequent baking attempts. I used flour that i’d milled a few weeks before and had kept in the fridge. The cake is delicious and does not have a heavy whole wheat texture at all.

Blueberry coffee cake

I got the recipe from a very cool cookbook i received for my birthday this year, Dungeness Crabs and Blackberry Cobblers and used my mother in law’s old mixer to whip it together. I love that thing! The berries came from local Springbank Farm in Lebanon. It’s blueberry season in Oregon, y’all! Get ’em while you can and freeze what you can’t eat now! Or bake a whole lot of coffee cakes!

blueberry coffee cakeblueberry coffee cake

blueberry coffee cake

There happens to be just a bit left after breakfast…. i’m thinking vanilla ice cream and coffee cake for dessert! Enjoy!

About Miranda @ Pocket Pause

Miranda and her husband recently bought a quasi-abandoned farm in Kings Valley, OR where they hope to create a sustainable ecosystem that feeds themselves, their livestock and their corgi, Pocket while maintaining harmony with the environment. Many drifts of blackberries and fields of scotch broom (filled with cougars) both stand in their way and inspire them.

Miranda is a freelance artist and natural soapmaker, loves gardening and cooking and reconnecting with old fashioned ways. You can read more about Miranda and her family's adventures (and follies!) at

Grain Mill Wagon Experience: I was truly amazed by the efficacy of the WonderMill! It ground up small grains and large with ease, created smooth and fluffy flour that inspired me to get better at baking! I can't wait to grow a small crop of grains to harvest and grind myself to fully maximize my experience with the Mill. I look forward to many years of enjoyment!

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