Banana Cream Cake Recipe {Sugar free & Gluten Free}

thm-banana-cream-cake-recipI created this banana cream cake recipe to be a quick ‘for one’ breakfast or dessert recipe.  If you’re following the Trim Healthy Mama plan like me, then this is a delicious E recipe!   If you’ve never heard of THM, then come check out my Trim Healthy Mama book review.

I get to eat ALL sorts of delicious food, from cheesy omelets with bacon, to delicious banana cake for breakfast.  I’ve lost 50 pounds using this easy, healthy plan!  Let’s get baking…P1120414To make this recipe, you’ll need: oat flour -choose a gluten free option, and grind it in your grain mill to get a gorgeous fine flour.   If you’re not gf, and you want a shortcut, look for whole grain oat fufu at a local Asian or International market. P1130025You’ll also use an egg white, a banana, 0% Greek yogurt, baking soda, sweetener of your choice, a pinch of salt, and some vanilla.

P1130028But don’t use a pretty yellow banana.  Use a really ugly black looking banana like this one.  A really great cook once told me that the trick to awesome banana bread and baked goods is using really, really ugly bananas.  I’m talking fermented, even.  The sweetness is fully developed, and they’re far more flavorful than store-ripe bananas.


Blend all of your dry ingredients into a mug or a small dish.  Then you’re going to add 2 tablespoons of ripe banana, the yogurt, vanilla, and an egg white.  If you like a stronger banana flavor, you may add 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of banana extract.

Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes at 350*, or in the microwave for about 90 seconds.

P1130043You can see just how moist and tender this yummy banana cream cake bakes up.  Here’s the printable recipe:

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Banana Cream Cake Recipe {Sugar free & Gluten Free}
Recipe type: Breakfast
Cuisine: THM
Serves: 1
This light, fluffy banana cream cake makes a delicious and quick breakfast when you've got ripe bananas on hand. Unlike rich, dense banana bread, this is a very light cake-like treat.
  • 3 T. oat flour-use gluten free and grind in your blender or grain mill.
  • 2 tsp. Truvia, or erythritol + 2-3 shakes stevia extract, or xylitol
  • ½ tsp baking powder
  • 1 T. plain 0% Greek yogurt
  • 2 T. very ripe banana
  • ½ t. vanilla extract
  • ¼-1/2 t. banana extract (optional)
  • 1 T. egg white
  1. Place all dry ingredients into a ramekin or mug.
  2. Add yogurt, banana, extracts, and egg whites.
  3. Mix really well with a fork, being sure to stir well in the bottom edge of mug or ramekin.
  4. Bake at 350* for 10-15 minutes, or microwave for 1½ minutes.
  5. Allow to cool. Sprinkle top with cinnamon/erythritol (or Truvia, or xylitol) mix if desired. Garnish with a couple of slices of banana and some Redi-whip.
I figured this to have 1.5 grams of fat and 11 net carbs. Enjoy with an egg white omelet, and a small piece of fruit for a delicious E breakfast!

Learn more about the super delicious and effective Trim Healthy Mama plan at

About Gwen's Nest

I’m a Mom of four, who was an artist in my former life. I write at about staying inspired and creative at home. I share healthy and innovative recipes, & my experience with home remedies & herbs.

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38 Responses to Banana Cream Cake Recipe {Sugar free & Gluten Free}

  1. Stephanie says:

    Gwen, you are a genius!
    I am getting up to eat this right now!!!!!
    Thank you so much!!!

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi, I am already back eating my banana muffin, did it in the micro and it is a little gooey, but good gooey. Oven would probably be really good.
    Thank you

  3. Tracy says:

    This will be breakfast on my first E day of my 2nd FC 🙂 Have you tried it with oat fiber instead of flour? or even part oat fiber… (That would make it an FP, wouldn’t it?)

  4. Gwen's Nest Gwen's Nest says:

    I have not tried it with oat fiber.

  5. Sarah Butcher says:

    how would you do a bulk recipe/ family sized recipe?

    • Aleah says:

      These are what I am enjoying for my family & friends:
      2 cups oat flour (It is smoother & more cake-like with Bob’s Red Mill, but I usually have to grind my own)
      6T Truvia
      1c 0% plain Greek yogurt
      1 1/2c bananas (mine were ripe, but not always spotted)
      2T Vanilla
      1c egg whites
      2T baking powder
      1-2T banana extract (I have never had this but would try it if I did. We do like it perfectly well w/out it though.)

      I blend the wet ingredients first to get the bananas smooth (I use a Braun handheld blender.)
      Whisk in the dry ingredients. I always reserve the baking powder for last so it has a nice reaction & fluffs up the batter. I try to never over-mix anything once I add the baking powder.

      I spray a 9×13 glass baking dish with coconut oil, pour in batter, and bake @350 for approx 20 minutes. (Till the center springs back up when touched & the cake tester comes out clean.)
      Cool on rack & cut. It’s even tastier chilled. 🙂
      Makes 12 servings.

      We enjoy ours with and without reddi whip.

      • Aleah Cronk says:

        This also made great cupcakes for my son’s class b-day party. A 5th grader was in disbelief that there was no sugar in them. 🙂 And I don’t even add the extra stevia powder.
        People were scraping the papers with their teeth to get it all.

      • Heather Durfee says:

        Followed the above for a family recipe, except I had to modify based on what I had on hand this morning. Here’s what I did.
        2 c oat flour
        2 packets stevia
        1 c yogurt
        1 1/2 c. bananas
        2 T vanilla
        2 whole eggs plus 2 T flax meal mixed with water to equal 2 eggs
        1 1/2 scoops banana cream protein powder
        2T b. powder

        ideally I would have used egg whites or all flax, but that’s why I added the protein powder to up the protein for the fam. 🙂 This whole THM cooking thing is fun – figuring out new ways to use the healthy ingredients I’ve had hidden away for awhile!

  6. Sarah says:

    this is so delicious!!! thank you for sharing!!

  7. Diana says:

    Wow, so excuse my cluelessness but its NOT ground oats (as in the THM pancake recipe) but oat flour I can buy? Thanks so much. I must tell you Gwen. Every single THM recipe you have posted has become a keeper for us. I also totally look forward to Wednesday here in New Zealand because that’s your THM Tuesday in the U.S!!
    Love from future girl!

    • joyce says:

      rolled oats ground up = oat flour. i always make my own oat flour this way. i use my food processor, but my new blender (ninja) does a finer grind, making the flour more powdery.

      • Shannon says:

        What type of rolled oats do you use (Old Fashioned, Steel-Cut, Quick Cooking, etc?) And do yield 1 cup of “oat flour”, would you need to grind approx. 1 cup of oats? Thanks for sharing your expertise on this topic!

        • joyce says:

          i use regular (old-fashioned) oats. one cup oats is probably close to one cup oat flour, but i don’t know that i’ve ever measured it exactly. i just usually grind up some oats and keep the flour in a glass canning jar in my cupboard….

  8. Gwen says:

    Hi Diana!
    Wow, thanks so much for your kind words. 🙂 That makes my day!

    And yes…ground oats = oat flour! I have used both in this recipe.

  9. Julie says:

    Thank you so much for the time you spend preparing and posting all your wonderful recipes. You have truly helped to make this new THM journey a lot easier for me. Quick question… Can I grind “whole oat groats” in my mill for the oat flour or is there something different between oat groats and the old fashioned oats?

    • Gwen's Nest Gwen says:

      Oat groats will work just fine, and are probably actually easier to feed into the mill than the steamed flattened old fashioned oats that I used. 🙂

  10. Aleasha says:

    Thanks for sharing! I hope you can add a Ziplist button to your site soon. It makes saving recipes so easy & I definitely want to save yours!!

  11. Eden says:

    Just tried this recipe and I loved it! I topped with some Greek yogurt and walnuts. Yum! Thanks for the recipe 🙂 I’m new to THM and haven’t had so much luck with the microwave stuff but this turned out really tasty.

  12. Amanda says:

    Wondering if there’s any sub at all for the greek yogurt? Wanting to make this healthy alternative for my 3yr olds birthday, but we live in Africa and don’t have access to greek yogurt – only plain yogurt that is quite runny, nearly drinkable.

    • Aleah Cronk says:

      Amanda, do you have cottage cheese? I often use them together or interchangeably, but make sure to blend it smooth.

  13. Melissa says:

    i just made this for the second time. Both times I replaced one tablespoon of oat flour with oat fiber. I also added about 1 tsp of water. I microwaved it for 90 seconds, and both times it’s been a wonderful, gooey, yummy creation. I love it!!! I dare say it’s my new favorite! Thank you for this simple and sweet treat! Blessings!

  14. Jennifer says:

    I have tried a lot of MIMs resulting in a lot of fails, and only a few successes. (too dry, not sweet enough, etc). Let me say this is one of the best ones yet! I also had a light bulb moment before I wrote this: next time I’m going to put in a handful of sugar free chocolate chips! That’s one of my daughter’s fav things – banana choc chip bread. Happy to find a healthier version. She’s a twig and does not need to lose weight but she DOES need to eat less sugar! Also I used banana triple zero Greek yogurt because…why not? Thx!

  15. Katy says:

    Do you think it would work to use Triple Zero banana cream yogurt in place of the 0% greek yogurt? Where can I find chocolate syrup to go on top?

  16. Becky McGee says:

    Dear Gwen–
    The banana bread/muffin/deliciousness? OH MY GOODNESS!!! It is absolutely, positively the best!! Thank you for working to throw this phenomenal yumminess together! You are simply AMAZING!

  17. audrey says:

    did a heaping tablespoon of yogurt, a whole egg white and drizzled it with cream before eating. SO good, even though it’s a crossover!
    trying to savor it as long as i can and not down it in one bite!

  18. Nancy says:

    In the intro to the recipe you said baking soda… But the recipe itself says baking powder… I’m thinking the baking powder is correct?

  19. 梅田 says:

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    What web host are you using? Can I get your associate link in your
    host? I want my website loaded up as fast as yours lol

  20. Veronica says:

    This was a wonderful e-muffin, thank you so much for sharing! Mine was perfectly cooked in 1 minute. I think my microwave is 1000 watts but it acts like a higher wattage b/c it’s small, maybe. This is a keeper, will make again and again.

  21. Donna Wolf says:

    My husband (before THM) made killer banana bread. Everyone always wanted to know how he got it so moist. The secret. When your bananas are overripe, put them in the freezer. Just thaw them when you are ready to put them in a recipe and they will almost pour out of the skins. For smaller recipes like this I am wondering if you could take overripe bananas and cut them into portions and freeze the pieces. May have to try that.

  22. Edith says:

    Loved it, thanks!

  23. Denise says:

    Totally yummy E dessert, with this i may survive my first fuel cycle :).

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