Properly Grinding Small Grains

Small Grains (Quinoa)The WonderMill electric grain mill can mill many small grains such as amaranth, teff, tapioca pearls, quinoa, coarse salt, and more… These small grain flours are great for Gluten-Free baking and for replacing some of your white flour in recipes.

When grinding these small grains, it is necessary to feed them into the grain mill very slowly to avoid clogging the motor. This can either be done by carefully pouring the small grains in very slowly while milling or with the use of our Small Grains Attachment.

Pouring the Small Grains in Slowly

When pouring small grains into the WonderMill electric grain mill it is important to pour them in as it grinds. You will pour it in slow enough that the Motor does not bog down very much. See video for further instructions.

Using the Small Grains Attachment

The Small Grains Attachment (sold separately from the WonderMill) allows you to pour all your small grains in the hopper and it takes care of feeding them into the grain mill at the correct pace, making it a fool proof process for milling small grains properly. See video for further instructions and information.


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6 Responses to Properly Grinding Small Grains

  1. Tricia Hoekwater says:

    Can I grind mustard seed in the wonder mill without a problem?

    • WonderMill WonderMill says:

      Tricia, You can not grind mustard seed in the WonderMill because they have too much oil content, which would cause the teethe to bind or clog the mill. You could probably use our Wonder Junior hand grain mill with the steel burrs to grind mustard seed but we have never tried it before.

  2. Gary B says:

    I own a Wondermill Jr. It does an excellent job grinding, but when I use the steel burs to steel cut oats, the texture is a little to powdery. I tried different adjustments from fine to coarse but it goes from flour to whole oats without just cutting the oats in half. Maybe I’m to critical, but it does not look like the steel cut oats you buy. I grow my own hulless oats. When I bought my mill I did not get a divert-er, I cut a coolwhip bowl. How do I get one?
    I love your mill. Gary B

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  4. Susan Monnat says:

    I bought an electric wondermill a year ago. Imhave some Bobs Red Mill medium cut corn meal and I want it finely ground, can I use my mill for that, and if so, and any specific instructions?

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