Bloggers who participate in the “Grain Mill Wagon Challenge” on GrainMillWagon.com do receive compensation for their time. In most cases they also receive product to help them participate in the challenge. The focus of GrainMillWagon.com is to introduce whole grain flours to food bloggers and help readers learn about using WonderMill grain mills to add whole grain flours to their diets. The WonderMill Company funds the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge. We hope you enjoy what is shared by the Food Bloggers who participate in this challenge.

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  1. Roxana says:

    I am in the market for a new, easy to clean, grain mill. I am interested in yours. The main thing I want to know: Does it makes such a noise when grinding that I will have to wear my earplugs like with my old grain mill?

    How easy is it to clean. You mentioned video demos, but I could not find them on the your website. I would like to see how this machine operates. The one I have now? I have to disassemble it, for if I leave any flour in the grinding teeth discs, in six months there is worms from weevils and other organisms. Is this easier to clean and less noisy?

    Please let me hear from you soon. Thanks, Roxy

  2. Hi!

    I applied for the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge a while back and I have not heard anything one way or the other. I was just checking to see if you could give me a status.

    I currently have a YouTube channel with over 70,000 subscribers and they love my bread baking videos! I would love to be able to give home milling a try! If you have already selected the folks for your most recent challenge, I fully understand, I was simply checking in because I had not heard anything.

    Thanks so much for your time and your lovely website and Facebook group, which I am part of as well. I always check in there to see what people are up to. But I don’t often post anything.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon one way or the other!

    Noreen Lambert

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