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My Purely Sourdough blog is about making breads from natural starters and also about becoming a better baker and opening my own artisan bakery someday. There are and will be post about other baking related things but mostly sourdough breads.

Grain Mill Wagon Challenge Experience:
My experiences with the Wonder mill where great. From the movement I opened the box I couldn't wait to grain my own flour. I already had got some hard red wheat from the health food store. So I ground what I needed and put together and bunch of whole wheat sourdough rolls. To bad I had to wait till the next day to bake. Next day I got the rolls ready and baked them on my stones and we had them with dinner. The Flavor of the whole wheat was so much better with fresh flour.

Then I moved onto the wonder mill challenge to make 5 recipes within two months. It was fun but I had a lot going on during the contest and I had to wait a long time to get rye berries and hard white wheat. There where none in my area. I made 100% whole wheat desem sourdough, whole wheat sourdough croissants, roasted buckwheat dinner rolls, gluten free sandwich bread , and a triple grain sourdough bread. Most of Recipe where mine and also some of the didn't work out at first but I had fun making them work right.

Also I learn a few new thing about flour while I was doing this. I think the knowledge was there I just forgot but I ordered a bag of soft white wheat and tired to make a loaf with it. Didn't turn out so well. Then I did a little research and soft wheat doesn't have much gluten. I felt dumb because I learned that 7 years ago in culinary school. Also freshly ground absorbs more water that flour from the store. well that's what I experienced while baking with freshly ground flour.

It Was a Great challenge and lots of fun. I like to thank the people at wonder mill for giving me the chance to use your mill I wouldn't have the extra money to buy one for a while. Also I hope you enjoyed my recipes and pictures.

Triple Grain Sourdough


I was Going to show you a 100% rye bread but it didn’t seem to turn out right or that’s what i thought. So i made a different bread. This is a recipe of my own making. The Bread tasted … Continue reading

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Gulten free sandwitch bread


I saw a few people doing some gluten free stuff on the grain wagon site and thought i would give a sandwich loaf a shot. One of my Friends from Portland Oregon Was gluten intolerant and Was really good with … Continue reading

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Roasted buckwheat apple dinner rolls


So this was a little something i made up. It was originally going to be a sourdough loaf but i though i would make something with commercial yeast that anyone could make. Most people don’t keep sourdough on hand. Yours … Continue reading

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Whole Wheat sourdough croissant’s


Sourdough Croissants 163 g freshly ground soft white wheat kernel removed 163 g Freshly ground hard red wheat kernel removed 130 g milk 67 g sugar 10 g salt 1 1/4 tsp instant yeast 1 tsp ma syrup 22 g … Continue reading

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100 % whole wheat desem Bread


Ive been working on a sort of desem starter for a bit witch is kind of an old way to make a starter. It’s a really  thick starter that you keep in a cold place and it last much longer … Continue reading

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