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Joybilee Farm teaches you self-reliant skills for backyard homesteading.  On the blog you’ll find tutorials to help you embrace the homestead lifestyle of self-sufficiency, sustainability, and JOY.  From herbal medicine, animal husbandry, gardening, spinning, weaving, felting, canning and putting-by for winter; you’ll find the help you need to live a frugal, creative, self sufficient life and embrace your homestead dreams.  And along the way I’ll help you learn to make a living from your homestead, so that you can get out of debt and spend your days embracing your passions, doing what you love, where you want to live. (link:

"As a homesteader and blogger I found the Grain Mill Challenge fun and inspiring. My challenge started just before Christmas so I had the adventure of adapting several traditional family recipes to freshly milled grains. I love that the Wondermill is always ready for service on my kitchen counter. It really is a whole lot quieter than the Kitchenaid grain mill attachment I was using. And I don't need to set anything up to be ready to use it. That means I use it more often to provide my family with healthy, whole grain snacks and breads. Thanks for giving me the honour of participating in this challenge." Chris

Multi-grain Chapattis, Indian flat breads

Chapattis are Indian flat breads, made with dough and water.  They are a type of unleavened bread, usually made without oils, too.  In this recipe flax is added to increase the nutritional value of the bread.  Sesame oil and sesame … Continue reading

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Flavorful Sourdough Rye Bread with only 3 ingredients

Flavourful Sourdough Rye Bread – wheatfree Breads made with white flour and commercial yeasts are predictably light, and fluffy.  This kind of bread is less digestible, and many health ailments are now directly blamed on consumption of wheat and commercial … Continue reading

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Pizza Twist Bread

Pizza Twist Bread makes a refreshing change for a light lunch with a salad or as an accompaniment to an Italian dinner.  You can use your favorite bread dough and start this recipe at the special technique, or follow my … Continue reading

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The Secret to Chewy, Delicious Whole Wheat Bagels

Joybilee Farm Whole Wheat Bagels The word “Bagel” entered the English language from Yiddish.  Bagels are distinctive, ring-shaped, bread with a firm, chewy texture that comes from first boiling the bun and then baking it.  What passes as bagels today … Continue reading

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Try Pizzelles, the delicate Italian wafer cookie with a secret ingredient

Pizzelles are the delicate Italian wafer cookie made with a special pan, similiar to a waffle iron.  They are wafer thin, crispy and they don’t travel well.   But their delicate character makes for a very special Christmas cookie.  They are … Continue reading

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