Whole Wheat Pizza Roll Ups

This is the time of year when I like to have some easy, go-to meals put away in the freezer for quick lunches or suppers with no hassle. This is one of our favorite recipes to stock up our freezer with.

You will need to prepare a recipe or two of a basic bread dough. You can use your favorite recipe for this! I like to grind my flour fresh and make a whole wheat dough. I use this recipe for my basic, whole wheat dough.

Once your dough is made, you will need to roll out your dough to make a large rectangular shape. Think about making cinnamon rolls! You will want approximately the same size and shape.

Once your dough is rolled out, I usually use turkey pepperoni to cover the surface and a shredded raw cheddar cheese. You can add in anything you would wish at this time, just remember not to get them too overloaded or they won’t stay together as well with a lot of “insides”. I did use a small amount of sausage that I had leftover that was already browned and ready to use, also. I also sprinkle a small amount of my pizza seasoning over the entire surface.

Once you get the ingredients all spread out over your dough, you will begin to roll it up in a tighter, cylinder form.

Continue rolling until you come to the other side of your rectangular dough and pinch the dough together to form a seal. You can also fold in the ends, so the filling doesn’t come out.

You will then cut your roll into slices. I usually cut mine about 1 – 1 1/2 inches wide. Cut the complete roll.

Place the rolls on a greased or covered cookie sheet on their sides (as shown). They are ready to bake…you don’t have to allow any time for rising at all. Bake the rolls in a 350 degree oven for approximately 25 minutes or until cheese and dough is golden brown on top. Let cool and enjoy!

They are great right from the oven or re-heated later. They are also ready to put in ziploc freezer bags and store for a later meal. They freeze wonderfully and you can just re-heat to eat right from the freezer.

If you like sauce, you can dip them in pizza sauce as you eat them. Half of my family enjoys them plain, while the other half likes to dip in my homemade canned pizza sauce.

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