Light Whole Wheat Pasta


When I was a little kid my Italian grandmother who lived next door would make pasta with me. My mom said one day I came home from making pasta with her, I was about 5 years old. I said in an Italian accent, “Making pasta is a easy. You just put flour on a board, make a hole, crack an egg into it, and mix it up.”

Well, my grandmother had been making pasta a long time, so I’m sure it appeared simple. It is a lot easier to make thanks to a pasta attachment you can get for your food mixer. We got one of these for my husband for Christmas, and he was very excited to try to make whole wheat pasta with fresh ground flour thanks to our Wonder Mill.

My daughter showing off the flour she just ground.

My daughter showing off the flour she just ground.

It was definitely a little tricky to get the hang of putting it through the processor, but the end result was so delicious.  Of course, the pasta had an amazing taste, not like the stuff that comes out of box that can some times taste like the box it came in… no because the whole wheat flour was freshly ground the nuttiness of the grain came through in the pasta. 

Putting the dough through the pasta maker.

Putting the dough through the pasta maker.

The end result… delicious pasta noodles ready to be cooked.

The end result… delicious pasta noodles ready to be cooked.

The recipe was very standard click here: Little Whole Wheat Pasta

It’s not the recipe; it is the quality and freshness of the flour that made this pasta taste exceptional.

Another truly amazing meal… that I would not have guessed could taste so much better… but I can’t tell you enough: 

Fresh ground flour with the Wonder Mill makes everything you make with it taste gourment.



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The Mediterranean diet and lifestyle have greatly shaped my life. One of my earliest memories is of spending hours at my grandmother's house next door making pasta. When I got older the Italians that lived in the court behind my house taught me how garden "the old world way".

I currently live about an hour outside of New York City in a very rural horse town. My family and I have an organic garden and orchard. My husband bakes our bread every week. We also keep bees, make our own maple syrup, and do cool projects like build canoes.

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The Wonder Mill has changed the way my family bakes. Now that we have had the taste of bread, pasta, and other baked goods with freshly ground flour store bought flour just seems flat. It's really not a bother to pull out the Wonder Mill to grind up some flour before we bake. It is so simple to operate and to clean that even my 12 year old daughter uses it. My whole family is truly amazed at how much more tasty our baking is now that we have a Wonder Mill.
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