How to Grind Your own Gluten-free Flour

I was two years in discovering this recipe. TWO YEARS!

That means I have tried every gluten-free flour blend under the sun:

Nifty, fifty-dollar bags of pre-mixed gluten-free flour…

Homemade mixes with store-bought gluten-free flours…

Freshly-ground gluten-free flours from every Sue, Sal, and Mary…

Even my better flour blends were so limited it was ridiculous.

I could use this flour blend for cookies, but it yielded crumbly biscuits.

I could use that flour blend for cupcakes, but the muffins came out dense.

One recipe I came across called for ten different gluten-free flours. TEN!

I despaired of ever finding a gluten-free flour mix that yielded any sort of “normal” baking in the kitchen.

Earlier this year, I opened my brand new copy of Making Babies cookbook, by Shoshanna Easling, and discovered… a new flour blend recipe.

Dare I waste my time in trying it?

You’d better believe it!

At first, I only used the flour mix with the recipes in Shoshanna’s cookbook. My family was so pleased with the results that I DECIDED TO BREAK THE CARDINAL RULE OF GLUTEN-FREE BAKING:

I whipped out a pre-gluten-free-life family recipe and simply substituted my gluten-free flour for the wheat flour.

If you’ve ever done that, you know it doesn’t work. I had ruined many a dish with that trick, and finally pushed all my “normal” recipe books to the back of the hutch (I’d even debated on getting rid of them).

To my surprise, my “old” recipes actually liked Shoshanna’s flour mix.

My mom’s biscuit recipe worked, so I tried my Grandma’s sugar cookie recipe.

That worked, so I tried my friend’s homemade pizza crust recipe.

That worked, so I tried my Grandma’s corn bread recipe.

That worked, so I tried my great-Grandmother’s “heirloom” chocolate cake recipe.

That worked, so I decided this flour blend just works!


In case you’re wondering if I’m ever going to be quiet and just share the recipe, here it is (shared with express permission from Bulk Herb Store).

Below is a tutorial of how simple it is to grind this wonderful flour yourself.



{DIY Tutorial}

We we go- all ready to grind fresh, gluten-free flour with the Wonder Mill!

First, pour in the brown rice.

Secondly, add your sorghum grain to the grinder. If you are using tapioca pearls, add them now as well.

This is how the freshly ground flour looks so far… beautiful!

Now, mix in your starches: arrowroot powder and potato starch.

Last of all, mix in the xanthan gum. You don’t want to forget this step!

Here you are: fresh, delicious, and healthy gluten-free flour! You made it yourself and it hardly took any time!

Now go grab your favorite recipe and start baking!


About Kristy @ Little Natural Cottage

Kristy is a happy wife and a homeschooling mother to four busy little people.  She is passionate about natural, healthy living and enjoys creating made-from-scratch gluten-free recipes in her spare time.  Kristy is the author of The Cottage Mama’s DIY Guide, The Cottage Mama Plans Her Menu, and other natural living ebooks.  As the editor and owner of, Kristy furiously writes about her loves during nap time.
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6 Responses to How to Grind Your own Gluten-free Flour

  1. Liza says:

    I am confused about the arrowroot powder and tapioca flour. Aren’t they the same thing? I went to the store and the arrowroot powder package ingredients said it was tapioca flour. I am eager to try this mix but don’t want to get it wrong.

  2. Wendy says:

    I’ve been searching for an ap flour I could just dump in the grinder. What measure of brown rice, sorghum and tapioca do you grind to get the right amounts to just be able to add the starches? Thank you!

  3. Genet says:

    Does anyone know what KIND of brown rice to use ? Long grain ? Medium grain ? Short grain ????
    So many types . . . . so confusing !

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  5. Ab2016 says:

    can this be ground in a food processor or will I need a special flour grinder machine for it? I am keen trying this out very soon! Thanks!

  6. Jeffrey Woodward says:

    What type of brown rice did you use. What are the measures of the rice, sorghum and tapioca pearls un milled. Thank you. I am looking forward making this flour.

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