Gluten-Free Personal Cake

This isn’t a very pretty recipe – in fact, it’s a bit messy – but it’s great for those last-minute moments when you really want something to munch on and you don’t want to wait a long time for something to bake. It’s also a great way to use all those small amounts of flour you have left over after milling what you need for “regular” recipes. I love this for when I get the munchies in the evening after my kids are in bed. It’s filling, and it gives me a snack that doesn’t unnecessarily heat up the whole oven.

Milling Rice in WonderMill

Gluten-Free Personal Cake

3 Tbsp. brown rice flour
3 Tbsp. sugar
3 Tbsp. cocoa
3 Tbsp. milk
3 Tbsp. butter or coconut oil, melted
1 egg
1/2 tsp. baking powder
sm. pinch salt
1-2 Tbsp. chocolate chips (opt.)

Once you have milled your flour, whisk all the ingredients together in a small bowl.

Pour into a greased personal-size baking dish (NOT metal!).  Microwave for 3 minutes on full power.  (Of course, microwave ovens may vary, so if this cook time doesn’t produce the results you want the first time, tweak it for next time.)

GF Personal Cake

The original (not GF) recipe I adapted this from called it a “mug cake,” but you have to have a huge mug for this to not make a huge mess!  If you have one of those giant mugs that people drink soup out of, you can probably make this in your mug.  Otherwise, I recommend sticking with a small loaf pan.

About Rachel Ramey

Rachel is a stay-at-home-wife, and homeschooling mama of three little girls. She has an avid interest in holistic nutrition, and enjoyed cooking with whole foods until the need to go gluten-free threw her for a loop! Now she is embracing the challenge of modifying recipes to be both whole-foods-based and gluten-free. In her "free time," Rachel also enjoys upcycled crafts and learning more about color and style analysis.

My blogs: Titus 2 Homemaker and Arrayed Like Lilies

Grain Mill Wagon Challenge Experience
The Grain Mill Wagon Challenge was just the push I needed to get back into whole grain baking, now that the grains I'm using all have to be gluten-free. The small grains adapter, especially, was a huge help. "Grains" like quinoa and amaranth are now potential tools in my arsenal. More importantly, I now have recipes in my repertoire that we know work and that everyone in the family can eat.

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  1. Vicki / Mom says:

    Looks good ! I’ll have to try this. And we’ll have to remember this for family gatherings where the main dessert may not be GF.

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