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My name is Dawn and I am a stay at home wife with 3 grown young men, two of which I home-schooled from early on and graduated. My days are filled with creating new recipes, searching for new ideas, remaking old favorites, taking photos of the many creations and then blogging about it all. Plus taking care of our home and backyard farm with its many plants, trees and animals. In addition to these things I also assist my husband with running a business. Never a dull moment in my neck of the woods, rural NC.

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Grain Mill Challenge Experience: Recently I was chosen to be part of a challenge. I had the awesome opportunity to try out the WonderMill grain mill and blog my experiences. I am in love with this mill. It is super easy to use and having my own fresh milled flour is such a benefit for a food blogger like myself. My goal this year has been to be healthier. Using a mill helps me meet this goal. I don't have to worry or wonder about what is in my flour. Working with Brent and The WonderMill company has been a joy. If you are in the market for a mill, I highly suggest this one and if you are a blogger looking for a great company to work with, contact them and enter the challenges. This has truly been a wonderful experience.

Cranberry Pecan Orange Honey Bread

WOW this breakfast or sweet bread has it all!! Cranberries, pecans, orange and honey, what’s not to love about this? Well, actually my husband is not a big fan. He calls this “woman” bread. hahaha guess it’s not manly enough. … Continue reading

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Coffee Brownies

I am really enjoying my mill. THANK YOU GrainMillWagon for this opportunity! We are brownie lovers at our house. So I decided to see if there was a difference using my own fresh milled flour vs. store bought. Verdict? YES … Continue reading

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Egg Bread

These days I ¬†have been ¬†milling and baking. Milling? you say, what is this you speak of? ha ha well, let me tell you. I am participating in a grain mill challenge. I was given the privilege of receiving a … Continue reading

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