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Simplify, Live, Love is a resource for frugal choices, green and simple living, and delicious whole foods cooking. Michelle is an Iowa blogger who is passionate about gardening, barn preservation, photography, cooking, and baking and shares practical tips she often learns the hard way. You can follow Michelle at SLL, on FB, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Grain Mill Challenge: I had a blast working with the Grain Mill Wagon. I've been grinding my own flour since 2004, but I'm always learning new tricks and tips. I loved trying out the WonderMill and comparing it to my old grinder. I appreciate the GrainMill Wagon's endeavor and am grateful the opportunity to participate in this program! Thank YOU!

The Perfect Pie Crust made with Freshly Ground Flour

Certain recipes and have just eluded me since switching over to freshly ground flour, and pie crusts are one of them. This last week, though, I made a really fabulous pie crust – with 100% fresh whole wheat. It was … Continue reading

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Mix & Match Scone Packets for the Freezer ~ Breakfast Simplified

I am a champion for simplified breakfasts but since we don’t eat many commercial cereals, I have to find other ways to get a quick breakfast ready for my family. One way to get quicker breakfasts is to prepare packets … Continue reading

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Homemade 5 Grain Bread ~ 5 loaves in under 90 minutes

I’ve been baking 90% of the bread we eat since 2004 and rarely are any two batches of my bread 100% alike. I start with the same basic recipe but then add and subtract ingredients based on what I have … Continue reading

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Homemade Refried Beans in Under 10 Minutes

We love beans at my house and eat them a lot. But I hate how long they take to cook. Too often, I am not organized enough to remember to soak my beans or patient enough to wait the 3-4 … Continue reading

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Homemade Toaster Waffles – Perfect for Back2School

My oldest daughter is going to public school this year for the first time ever. We have previously homeschooled, but this year she needs to go to school. {Her wish.} To prepare, I am making sure my freezer is stocked … Continue reading

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