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Jane is a follower of Christ, homeschooling mom and blogger, who, along with her husband and children, is looking to become more self-reliant, skilled and PREPared for the unique circumstances life throws at them everyday. Just don't notice the chocolate on her keyboard or the large pile of laundry (mostly clean) at the foot of her bed because she's busy learning how to cook over open fires and messing about in the garden!

You can find Jane telling her story of her family's PREParedness journey at where you can learn more about self-reliance, homesteading in a suburban backyard, and being prepared for life's little and big emergencies. You can follower her on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram

Quinoa Flour Pancakes

Cinnamon Sugar Quinoa Pancakes from Momwithaprep

Quinoa is a power-punch grain that gives you plenty of protein, is a bold flavor and versatile for many applications. It’s one of our go-to grains for salads, side dishes, breakfasts and more. Today, I want to show you how … Continue reading

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Easy and Versatile Rice Flour Pancakes

Easy and Versatile Rice Flour Pancakes from

Pancakes are the favorite go-to food for our family’s breakfast. They are easy, they can be frozen after big batches are made and stored in the freezer so the kids can help themselves. So it stands to reason that when … Continue reading

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Easy Cornmeal Pancakes (aka Johnny Cakes)

Change your breakfast weary ideas of what pancakes can be and create these whole-grain cornmeal pancakes for your family!

Pancakes are a staple breakfast food at our house. My youngest one loves them, and I love how I can beef them up with ground flax seed and yogurt and all sorts of additions to make an otherwise carb-loaded white … Continue reading

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