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Jo is a devoted wife and retired technical writer turned photographer, blogger, gardener, and cook with a passion for homesteading and self-sufficiency as a philosophy and lifestyle. She and her husband, Eddie, are newbie homesteaders who write about everything from gardening, repurposing lifeless junk, learning new kitchen skills (including preservation & scratch cooking), and transitioning from the city to the country. Jo shares her and Eddie’s adventures at Homestead Chronicles.

Grain Mill Wagon Experience: When I first took on the Grain Mill Wagon challenge, I was apprehensive and nervous. I had barely conquered baking with store-bought flour. However, I found plenty of support and recipe inspiration through Wonder Mill's website, and before I knew it, I was baking with freshly ground flour quite successfully - even on my first try! It was much easier than I thought it would be and my breads were softer, richer, and more robust -- we could literally taste all that extra nutrition. I am so glad I dove in and took the challenge. I will never go back to store-bought flour. My new Wonder Mill is sure to be one of my most frequently used appliances!

Honey Whole Wheat English Muffins

Honey Whole Wheat English Muffins

If a good English Muffin is nothing else, it is elusive, especially if you have your heart set on the famous nooks and crannies of Thomas’ fame. This recipe is close, but don’t expect perfect puddles of butter on your … Continue reading

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Sweet Wheat Sandwich Bread

Sweet Wheat Sandwich Bread

I have been having so fun much in the kitchen trying out new recipes since we got our new WonderMill! I am finding that baking with freshly milled flour is not as difficult as I feared and, with a little … Continue reading

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Pull Apart Honey Butter Dinner Rolls (and Slider Buns)

Honey Butter Dinner Rolls and Slider Buns

A few weeks back when I first took on the WonderMill Grain Mill Wagon Challenge, I was excited but admittedly apprehensive. I had never baked with freshly ground flour before and had just barely mastered baking a few things with … Continue reading

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