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Amanda Paa is a passionate tastemaker, self-taught cook, and author of her gluten-free blog Heartbeet Kitchen. Her creations are inspired by her fresh market finds and intriguing chats with local farmers and purveyors. She hopes to inspire others to cook without expectations or judgement, as the beauty of creating in the kitchen should be joyful and unique to everyone. She also just finished writing the resource guide and cookbook, "Smitten with Squash" that will be available July 2014.

Grain Mill Wagon Experience: Participating in the Grain Mill Challenge was a wonderful experience that enabled me to be creative with gluten free flours that I normally purchase. I truly could tell the difference that fresh milled grains made. The texture was lighter, softer and had more flavor. Additionally, it was great to know that I was getting all the nutrients of the grains and beans instead of them being stripped which can be the case with commercial flours. Although I was a little intimidated grind my own flour, the Wondermill made it easier than I ever imagined. And it little takes two minutes, much faster and less expensive that going to the market. I'm thrilled to have this tool in my kitchen and can't wait to expand the line of flours I use because I can easily make them myself.

Socca: Greek Style!

Greek Socca | gluten free

Have you ever heard of socca? I hadn’t either until I craved a crispy flatbread after learning of my gluten allergy several years ago. Imagine your favorite thin crust pizza only made of chickpea flour & a little olive oil, … Continue reading

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Rosemary Multi-Seed Crackers

Rosemary Seed & Nut Crackers

It’s not unusual for several of my dinners throughout the week to be a pretty cheese plate with a glass of wine. Simple, yet satisfying and quick to put together. When I find out that I had a gluten allergy … Continue reading

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Millet Oat Crepes with Raspberries and Toasted Coconut

Millet and Oat Crepes {gluten free}

These millet oat crepes are slightly different than traditional crepes, but truthfully (and the French may disagree) I love the nuttier flavor from the millet even better. The oat flour keeps them soft and delicate, waiting for you to roll … Continue reading

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