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I grew up in a home where bread was baked weekly. Wanting the same home baked goodness for my family, I learned quickly that making a soft, crusty loaf of bread required more than simply following a basic recipe. I am discovering that grinding my own grain provides a higher quality of baked goods in taste, texture, and nutrients. I am the mother of two grown boys, share my love of baking comfort foods by blogging and teaching bread classes locally.

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This challenge encouraged me to try other grains and experiment with new recipes! Previously, I had only used my grain mill for grinding wheat and corn. My personal goals in this challenge were to:
1) grind a variety of grains, and 2) make recipes other than bread. To date, I have ground seven different grains and have discovered new recipes to add to my favorites. Participation in this challenge has also introduced me to a group of talented bloggers with many more recipes and grains to explore!

Maple Oatmeal Bread

This recipe comes from King Arthur Flour and it is everything you would love in a bread: fresh oatmeal flour is combined with whole wheat flour, bread flour and slightly sweetened with pure maple syrup. The original recipe calls for … Continue reading

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King Tut’s Hamburger Buns & 5 Bread Baking Tips

Pillowy soft, made golden with Kamut wheat, these are the perfect dinner rolls or hamburger buns…. I found a new grain at a whole foods store and fell in love with the name:  Kamut. My hard white wheat is on … Continue reading

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Seven Layer Dip Cups & FAST Refried Beans

I can’t contain myself. I’m so EXCITED about this recipe! Why? Because it is FAST and EASY. It looks pretty and tastes fabulous! Did that get your attention? Good!  If you have ever made refried beans in the past, you … Continue reading

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Pina Colada Cream of Rice

This grain challenge is helping me think of my grain mill as truly a “grain mill,” not just a “wheat grinder.”  I have used my grain mill primarily as a wheat or corn mill, but today, I experimented with rice. … Continue reading

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Corn Muffin Pancakes

My husband has been making these pillowy and soft pancakes for years. From a box. You know, from the little blue and white box? One day, I showed him how to put regular popping corn into our Wondermill … and … Continue reading

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