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My Blog, and related youtube page, have chronicled my off-grid cabin & living, outdoors activities, related projects and getting back to basics with my food. Like so many people today I live and work in a modern world surrounded by walls. Walls might confine me but they don't define me.

My youtube/blog has a wide audience, ranging from the prepping / survival community to the back to the landers / free spirt. I believe there is a common drive by a large part of population thats confined by walls to get our hands dirty and do things like our forefathers did. So while my audience varies greatly in their motivation I celebrate that common drive.

Over the past year I have expanded my exploration to getting back to basics with food. I have always gardened but was not a cook and relied on my wife to take care of that. Even with the garden most everything we ate came from a box. It still does but I'm trying to simplify and get my food from sources that at least resemble there natural form. It is a path though and I have a only just begun it. Cooking with whole grains is one of those first steps.


I have completed the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge and was asked to write a little something about my experience doing it.

Reading the recipes on this site shows there is some great talent out there. I tried to come from a different direction. My recipes are simple enough that even a beginner can attempt them and have a good chance of success which will motivate you to try new things. I know for me this was the case.

Working with raw wheat berries was also a joy. I brought several friends loaves of fresh bread made with wheat I ground not 10 minutes before preparation and they all commented about the taste... and the ease of using the WonderMill added only a couple of minutes to the prep time. Several of those friends have ordered a WonderMill after trying our bread.

All and all this was a great experience and I enjoyed doing it. Using the WonderMill created a superior product to what I could get from stores and was affordable. I'd encourage anyone interested in backing with whole wheat to get one

Wheat pancakes from long term storage

This is my third post to the Grain Mill Wagon. All my posts have been a bit different then the other posts here. My recipes are designed to be made with dry goods as they are intended to be cooked … Continue reading

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Easy whole wheat bread made using Kitchenaid mixer

Easy Whole Wheat Bread

This is the easiest bread recipe you’ll find. There are only a handful of ingredients and the recipe is very forgiving. I have mostly used wheat for grinding into flour for biscuits, pancakes and corn bread. This was my first … Continue reading

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Cornbread from long term storage

Cornbread fresh from the oven

I came up with this recipe based on my existing recipe for cornbread. I swapped out the egg and milk with powdered ingredients so that I can make mixes to leave at my off-grid cabin where I do not run … Continue reading

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