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Susan Bewley is a busy modern woman - professional writer and entrepreneur by day and busy, health focused wife by night. When she isn't busy writing novels or working on her blog, she is experimenting with creating nutritious meals for her family filled with whole grains and nutritious ingredients to keep everyone in her family happy and healthy. To learn more about Susan and how to live a healthier lifestyle on a budget, make sure to check out her blog, Budget Earth!

Grain Mill Wagon Challenge Experience

For me, the Grain Mill challenge was an eye opening and wonderful experience. While I had always purchased high quality flour, I never imaged that milling my own flour at home would be so rewarding. I love being able to have complete control over the ingredients in my house, making sure that everyone in my family is getting the proper nutrition they need. Even my family is asking for freshly milled flour from my WonderMill since they believe it makes such a difference in cooking. Now, my old bags of flour are sitting in the pantry, only being used for 'emergency' situations. This challenge completely changed the way I cook and I'm delighted that my family is one step closer to having a natural, healthier diet that is closer to the source!

Blueberry Scone Recipe

My husband and I have a major weakness – we love sweet things, especially for breakfast. If I’m not careful my husband will bring home those sugar-filled pastries from the grocery store that are not only filled unpleasant artificial and … Continue reading

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Chocolate Pound Cake Recipe

For the past week, I have had a blast learning how to mill my own flour and experimenting with a variety of recipes. So far, I have loved everything I have made with my own freshly milled flour. The only … Continue reading

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Slow Cooker Banana Blueberry Bread Recipe

Like many other women, I try making sure that everything I cook for my family is not only healthy, but made from the best ingredients possible. For us, eating as close to the source as we can is important, and … Continue reading

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