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On a 1/4 acre in a VERY small town lives a slightly deranged woman who never thought she would be a Farm Girl again, then her son asked for a chicken! So began The (mis)Adventures of a “Born Again“ Farm Girl.

Hi, my name is Mindie and I quickly realized my rebirth went much deeper then a few hens ….. It awoke a desire in me to do more, ourselves, for our family…. To learn the “old ways” of doing things. We raise chickens, ducks and rabbits, garden and can, tap our maple tree for syrup, cure our own hams, make lard and our own bacon! This spring we will be adding bee hives as well! It is never a dull moment here in Michigan with my hubby and two country kids.

And of course I love to cook and bake. There is just something about home cooking that not only brings comfort to the heart but healthier food to the plate. The ability to mill our own grains had been on our list of homesteading goals and I am so excited to be a part of The Grain Mill Wagon Challenge.

Homestead Honey Cornbread

To put it mildly, my hubby is a cornbread fanatic. He enjoys, no, loves a good piece of cornbread. I have gone through many trials and errors trying to provide him with his “holy grail” of cornbread and finally I … Continue reading

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